The Oyster
The Oyster
The Oyster

The Oyster

4 000 kr

The Oyster can be used both as a pendant and as a table lamp.

The outside of the Oyster has a matte black surface which is in strong contrast to the golden surface of the inside. Just like an oyster, this lamp can be opened to various degrees.  It may have a small opening or a large gap.

When almost closed to only reveal a small opening, it bears a resemblance to hot lava. When the two halves are totally separated and hanged as a pendant, all light can flood downwards from the upper half and get reflected in the lower half.

The three-dimensional pattern of the Oyster gives it a structural depth visual both lighten up or turned off.


DESIGNER: Jakob Uhlin /By Republiken

PRODUCED: Handmade

MATERIAL: Black polypropylene Polygo pieces with adhered gold-colored film on one side.

DIMENSIONS: Height 45 cm, Width  45 cm



Taggar: ljusskulptur, labyrint, lampa, lampskulptur, vardagsrumslampa, salongslampa, designlampa, ljuskrona, belysning, taklampa, pendellampa, bordslampa, vägglampa