Labyrint vase by Mari Simmulson

Labyrint vase by Mari Simmulson

330 kr

Inka inspired vase with elevated matte white glaze on brown glossy glaze.

DESIGNER: Mari Simmulson

MAKER: Upsala Ekeby


YEAR: 1965-1967

DIMENSIONS:  Diameter 15 cm, height 20  cm, weight 800 gram

COLOUR: Brown and white

CONDITION: Good except for some small patches where the white glaze is lost. Fortunately, the color beneath these patches is white, so it they are not so visible.

TRIVIA: The series, "Labyrint" was designed in 1963 and manufactured 1965-67. The series consists of a total of six items, including a large floor vase. 

See the large plate within the same Labyrint series HERE


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