Monkey Head, Polygo Play
Monkey Head, Polygo Play

Monkey Head, Polygo Play

850 kr

Monkey Head built by Polygo Play building pieces.

This monkey head is handmade and hand-painted by Republiken.


DESIGNER: Jakob Uhlin

PRODUCER: By Republiken

MATERIAL: Polypropylen plastic


MEASUREMENTS:  Height: 16 cm, Width: 25 cm Depth: 10-12 cm


If you would like to get Polygo Play building pieces to build the Monkey Head yourself, or to get the Monkey Head as a lamp, please contact us at:


This Monkey Head is made from Polygo Play building pieces 

 Taggar: konst, skulptur, byggsats, apa, aphuvud, apskulptur

Taggar: Aphuvud, Polygo Play figur, apa