Art Deco Golden Dirigold Cutlery, Sweden 1920's

Art Deco Golden Dirigold Cutlery, Sweden 1920's

2 500 kr
This Hollywood Regency golden hued and rare Dirigold cutlery made during the 1920’s is a solid bronze alloy.

This set of cutlery is sold together and is unfortunately somewhat incomplete. It contains 32 pieces.

Main course cutlery
9 knives, height: 22,8 cm
10 forks, height: 20,5 cm
2 spoons, height: 21,2 cm

Starter cutlery
10 knives, height: 20,5 cm
1 forks, height: 19,5 cm

The Dirigold company has a very interesting history. Dirigold was invented by two swedes while living in USA. They moved back to Sweden and started the Dirigold company in Örebro close to where this particular set of cutlery was sourced.
The Dirigold cutlery was an instant success! All the rich and famous wanted to serve and eat their dinner with this extremely elegant golden-hued cutlery. Dirigold even got to be royal court supplier in Sweden. However, in the late 1920’s complications arouse and the company had to be sold. The entrepreneurs and inventors moved back to USA and started Dirigold there, in the 1960’s they were forced to change name to not mislead customers to think that the cutlery was made of gold. They chose the name Dirilyte. Dirilyte made cutlery and tableware in the same Dirigold material until the 1980’s.