Blue Fratelli Fanciullacci bowl
Blue Fratelli Fanciullacci bowl

Blue Fratelli Fanciullacci bowl

3 800 kr

A beautiful Fratelli Fanciullacci mid century bowl with a motive of women combing their hair. In sgraffito and cobalt blue glaze that contrasts beautifully with the unglazed, matte brown.  Made in Italy.  
The bowl is marked 8882 and Italy.

A beautiful piece of mid century Italian pottery in excellent vintage condition.

The bowl measures 20 cm in diameter (approx. 8 inches) and 10cm tall (approx. 4 inches).

The Fanciullacci pottery was founded around 1860 on the small island Capraia, north of Elba. in 1911 the company moved to Montelupo. Fratelli Fanciullacci was closed in 1988.

Aldo Londi, the famous Art Director of Bitossi Ceramics was born in Montelupo 1911, and he worked for Fratelli Fanciullacci before he joined Bitossi.


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