Tomy's Tutor Typewriter
Tomy's Tutor Typewriter

Tomy's Tutor Typewriter

270 kr

This adorable children's toy typewriter is titled "Tomy's Tutor Typer".  Made in 1977 by Tomy this sweet little toy typewriter is the perfect way to help your little one enter the world of Qwerty keyboards!




COLOUR: White, blue, yellow, and orange

MATERIAL: Hard plastic

DIMENSIONS: Length: 21 cm, Height: 9 cm, Width: 21 cm

CONDITION: Good vintage condition

The Toy functions similar to a real typewriter. When you press the keys the scroll bar moves. A bell sounds when you hit the space bar. The scroll bar displays each letter of the alphabet with a picture and word beside them. When the keys are pressed it raises an arm simulating a real typewriter.

A great vintage toy that is bound to both puzzle and delight your little one!


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