Republiken Create and Make

Republiken Create and Make

Currently include our collection of Polygo and Strawbees building kits and soon we will featured Strawbees MEGA and Quirkbots as well!

Create and Make with: Polygo

Every one is an artist! 

Polygo light editions for stunning  lamp projects and Polygo play for your wild ideas that can be easely combined with your Strawbees and Quirkbot projects!


Dream big build bigger! The new toy that is ready to 

Strawbees MEGA

Build even bigger! 

We are developing Strawbees MEGA, it is perfect kit for any outdoor team building event for grown ups as well as youngsters. 

Make a stunning popup room or go nuts with free form sculptures. 

Limited editions

Our designs produced in a limited numbers. 

Ready assembeld objects

Get an designermade creation for your home or office