By Republiken

Jakob Uhlin at Butiken Republiken design and create objects under the signature By Republiken 

We design and build Polygo lamps using our building system Polygo. Polygo is more than a beautiful product; it also a way to learn and get fascinated about geometrics.


The Polygo building pieces is a bit like LEGO, you can assemble the pieces, and then easily disassemble the pieces. This means that if you get one of our Polygo lamps but later want another type of lamp, you can disassemble your Polygo lamp and build a new model that suits you (by your own design or following one of our instructions for our designed lamps). 


labyrinth polygo butiken republiken

Labyrinth lamp built using black Polygo pieces


By Republiken has also designed and are producing the furniture jewelry Knight in Shining Armor which is a precision cut silver piece based on the Koch snow flake fractals. Use it to contrast and highlight the beauty of patinated structures on old furniture or as a playful way to resurface, divide and protect the surfaces of your furniture. Currently only available in sterling silver and brass, but more material options are in the pipeline.


knight in shining armor silver brass furniture jewelry butiken republiken

 Knight in Shining Armor in silver.