By Republiken


By Republiken operates as a design studio and workshop housed in a weathered old station house, tucked away in the dense forests of Bergslagen, Sweden. Our mission revolves around the mindful utilization of materials, acknowledging their finite nature. Hence, we specialize in creating furniture and art from recycled materials, mainly sourced locally and crafted with artisanal care.

By Republiken creates an array of lamp sculptures from recycled plastic, offering ready-made, customized, and bespoke designs. Our clientele includes interior designers, businesses, and private clients.

We bring innovative lighting solutions to diverse spaces. As a branch of Republiken, By Republiken shares the overarching vision of fostering social and environmental sustainability. 


THIS is how we recycle our plastics

labyrinth polygo butiken republiken

Labyrinth By Republiken



 Knight in Shining Armor in silver.