Rya som vi har i arbetsrummet? lila blå röd

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Stunning Scandinavian rya rug handmade in Lund, Sweden, in the 1960's. Beautiful wool with luster and clear colors in shades of burgundy and purple. Irregularly cut pile and long threads give the carpet an organic surface that radiates quality and warmth.

The pattern is called "Eldfågel", meaning Phoenix, and it was composed in the 1950s by Barbro Vollmer, according to catalog information.

 It is suitable for wall hanging or on the floor.


Length: 150 cm

Width: 97 cm.


Excellent vintage condition, like new.

Scandinavian Rya Rug


A rya is a traditional Scandinavian wool rug with a long pile of about 1 to 3 inches. They are made using a form of the Ghiordes knot to make the double-sided pile fabric.

The first ryas originated in the early fifteenth century as coarse, long-piled, heavy covers used by mariners instead of furs. As time progressed, the rugs have evolved to be lighter and more colorful. The insulation that ryas provide protects against the cold Scandinavian climate.

Ryas are a knotted pile carpet, with each knot composed of three strands of wool, which enables the rug to exhibit rich texture from all the different shades of color.